Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Mama! Take a Picture of Me Too!"

A shocking thing to hear from my little dude, who NEVER wants his picture taken these days. Too much mamarazzi in his life, I guess. I have zero desire to encourage sibling rivalry though, so I was happy to oblige. The sweet thing was that when I went to take his photo, he was adamant that Miss V be in the picture as well.

This isn't the greatest photo ever taken, but I love that a) the J-bird is holding Miss V's hands down so she'd quit putting them in her mouth and blocking her face (as she was in the fifteen photos preceding this one on the camera), b) one of her socks is off, which is pretty much par for the course. She's a kicking-one-sock-off wizard. and c) because I have this awesome new camera, a Christmas gift from my James, given early so I can use it to capture our holidays, I actually caught them both looking in the .4 seconds they were doing so.

I know that these two will probably argue and tussle as they get older, but I hope they never lose the sweetness that saturates their early relationship. The J-bird absolutely, unreservedly adores Miss V, with all the fierceness and gusto he summons to approach everything. This boy loves with his whole being. In turn, the hero worship in Miss V's eyes when she looks at him is utter and complete. He is her favorite person in all the world.

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Monkee said...

He will always protect her, too! My brother is still trying to protect me, and I'm 30....AND he's my YOUNGER brother :) Go figure :)