Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"So, How's That Homeschool Thing Workin' Out?"

The short answer? Great!

The other day, the J-bird asked for a piece of paper and a pen to "dwaw on". Here's what he handed back to me:

Of course, I realize it's not perfect, nor is he the first three year old to write his name. He is MY first three year old to write his name though, and was I ever excited!! We've been chipping slowly away at writing, but this was the first time he's spontaneously done something like this, and I honestly didn't realize he *could*. It was a lovely surprise.

He quickly moved on to this.

And now loves to write his name all the time!

He also wants to practice writing other names, like Aunt Tassi's.


Miss V's

Granny's (We're working on distinguishing between Ns and Ms)

And Uncle Joe's. The E on the end of this had, um, a few extra arms.

We work a good bit on reading too, which he's starting to get the hang of. He's not reading "Ivanhoe" or anything yet, but he's beginning to put short words together.

I also have lots of motor development and other learning activities for him to use, like these stringing beads

Lacing cards

This basket of little containers with different types of closures (sometimes I put a small object in one of the containers for him to find)

These Wedgits Building Blocks he got from my sister, Emma

And transferring the tiny pieces of this HiHo Cherry-O game (from James's mom) with a pair of children's chopsticks (I love this one because it combines fine motor control with sorting)

And then there's stuff like this, which I want to keep forever.

We have two play groups each week, so he gets the "socialization" thing as well (and so do I).

And that's how it's going! We're still really enjoying it, and he seems to be getting a lot from it. I love the opportunity to be the one getting him started learning. It's a fantastic bonding, learning experience for us both so far, and I can't wait to see the steps, leaps and jumps he'll take next!


Newland said...

Awesome! I remember writing words as my absolute favorite activity at his age or so. Until I got to school and they made me 'practice'. That I rebelled against. :)

Monkee said...

Awesome!! What a smart little boy! Writing your name, especially as ledgeably as he did, is AWESOME for three years old...