Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birthday Bravery

My son is not, in general, all that brave. It's not that he's a chicken, it's more that he's three and that he likes to watch other people do new things first, before he risks his own tiny hide. He has always been that way, always.

This is generally about his speed. I encourage him to try new things, but I'm not going to shame the kid into anything. I mean, come on. He's three. He surprised me yesterday though. We went to a birthday party at Out Of This World Pizza for a friend of the J-bird's from our awesome church.

We walked in the door and saw THIS

It's....huge. And I figured my tentative darling would want nothing to do with it, so we headed over to the little kids area (this behemoth is not forbidden to little guys, but they do have a "Five and under" area and a "Two and Under" area. Smart). He played over there for a little while, then he grabbed my hand and dragged me back over to this monster, begging to play. I was a little worried that he'd get in there and freak out, and I wouldn't be able to help him back out, because I was wearing Miss V in the Ergo (and bouncing her, which accounts for the blurry pictures I took with my iPhone...sorry). A really, really nice teenager from our church volunteered to go with him, and the J-bird needed no further encouragement!

There they go!

He was so excited when he looked out this window and saw me watching! He just waved and waved! One of the other mothers asked me if I was scared, but I really wasn't...I was just amazed.

And oh yeah...he got to do this too!

It's one of the beautiful, terrifying parts of motherhood, watching my child do something big and brave and new, letting go of that little hand to let him go off a wee bit without me instead of pulling him closer and wishing he'd stay little forever. I was very proud of my big J-bird yesterday, and he had more fun than he knew what to do with. So...good for both of us, right?

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