Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Traditions

One of the things I dreamed of when I got married, and especially when we started having children, was establishing traditions as a family. There's just something comforting about familiarity and routine that is made even more special when it's surrounding something special. Like, for instance, Christmas.

December 1st kicks off a lot of fun at our house. Each morning, there's the little star to move from yesterday's pocket on the Christmas calendar to today's. If the J-bird and Miss V are anything like my brother and I when we were little (my mom has a similar calendar), there will be much competition over who gets to change it each day! We spend the days making gingerbread or contemplating all the packages that come from UPS or looking at the Christmas cards people are already sending (!!!) - along with the unending laundry and dishes and normal routines - not sure I'd call those traditions though.... And each evening after supper, there's today's date to find on a door in the Advent house.

So exciting

to see what's inside!

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Monkee said...

I'm like you. I LOVE tradition! Even the smallest of things can make BIG memories! :)