Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve Eve

This evening, we drove around town, looking at Christmas lights (and all the various blow-up Grinches and Snowmen and Reindeer and...Sponge Bobs on folks' lawns), even driving out to the "Lights in the Grove", an amazing spectacle of lights that are synchronized with music on a dedicated radio station. You just pull over to the side of the road, tune in the music and watch until you're done watching. It's awesome! The kids seemed to really take it all in - I checked in my rearview mirror several times to see Miss V's sweet face in her little "baby in view" mirror, contentedly gazing out the window, and, amidst all his other chatter, I heard my little J-bird go momentarily silent and then quietly exclaim, "Whoa, dude!" as we passed one particularly be-decked house. Yeah. He's definitely my child! Our adventure kind of makes my one strand of duck-taped lights around our front window look even Oh well! There's always next year for a more creative effort. Though it probably won't be synchronized to music. I'll leave that to the experts!


Laura and Elliot said...

We have a few of those "set to music" displays in our area as well and they really are spectacular!

Monkee said...

I'll tell you, looking back, I'd take my dad's duct taped charlie brown-esque light display over the "Griswald's" anyday :)