Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our Holiday In The Grove

We live in a wonderful little town with great holiday traditions, traditions we partake in merrily. Today was the "Holiday In The Grove" celebration all day. There was breakfast with Santa (we stopped by, but the J-bird was too nervous to sit on his lap, and I wasn't about to force him), holiday crafts for kids in several downtown stores, and a short hayride around the (small) downtown area for the price of a canned food donation.

It's not called Forest Grove for nothin'!

The horses were beautiful and jingle-belled.

the wagon was roomy and...hay-ey

the J-bird was a wee bit nervous, as he often is when faced with something new.

Not Miss V though! She was snuggled into the Ergo, watching and smiling and ready to go with the flow, as always.

Once we got going, the J-bird had a blast.

as he often does, when faced with something new ;)

In case you were wondering exactly how much of my hair fell out after Miss V was born, feast your eyes on the fuzz of short hair all over my head that sticks straight up as it grows back in. Cuuuuuuute.

My handsome prince.

We capped off the morning with some delicious Middle Eastern food and then headed home.

Miss V was tuckered out

perfectly pooped

exquisitely exhausted from all the fun.

And PS. How sweet are these precious little fingers?

This little J-bird was ready to hit the sack as well. Nap time around here is a must.

James tells me I often sleep in this position as well. Awesome.

After naps, we headed back downtown for the Forest Grove Power and Light Holiday Parade. It. Was. Fantastic. As James says, about a third of our town is in the parade each year, and the other two thirds are there to watch!

And we are among them, thrilled to be there!

My sweet little bundled babe. She loved watching all the lights and seeing all the people waving and smiling.

Stuff like this


and oh yeah, this.

The J-bird waved and waved and was overjoyed and amazed that the people on the floats were THROWING CANDY!!!! FREE CANDY!! And you know it was probably leftover Halloween candy, but who cares? To a three year old, candy is candy, man.

My absolute favorite float.

After the parade, we headed back home for some leftovers and a piece or two of that parade candy.

"What? Whatta ya mean, 'No candy 'til I'm 1'? What a ripoff!"

It was a lovely day, one in a string of lovely, cheer filled, holiday celebrating days. Oh, how we love our little town!

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Monkee said...

How Fun! I loved the tractors all lit up! And the Jbird's hat is so cute! And I love Miss V's coat! Soooo cute!