Monday, December 13, 2010

Play Group

I've mentioned before that when the J-bird was a baby, I went to a "breastfeeding support group" for several months. It was essentially a mommy group with several women who had babies around the same age where we talked about all the developmental milestones and joys and frustrations of little babies. A bunch of us stayed in touch once we hit the one-year-old age limit on the group, and several of that number have had another baby within the last year. It's interesting and fun to get together with our three year olds and our babies - good for the kids to play and good for us to have adult conversation. We got together this morning.

Babies a-plenty. My Miss V, sweet little A and Mr. S, all in a row.

A is one day younger than Miss V. Her mother and I were in the hospital together!

Check out the blue peepers on Mr. S!

A is already pulling up!! She's amazing!!

I think she knows it :)

Darling J!

Such a sweet, big boy.

The big kids had a blast as well. My J-bird, Miss S, G and A, playing in K's room (not pictured, as she was elsewhere while these kids trashed her room)

Nice, eh? It was a lovely morning - a nice break from the gingerbread baking before and after!!

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