Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yesterday, Part Deux

My very dear friend, Traci had a birthday yesterday, so she and Matt came out to Chez Houx for some supper and a movie. The two of us like to cook, so we planned out her ideal menu in advance - beef tri-tips, sauteed mushrooms, a broth, butter and herb reduction sauce and roasted, mashed parsnips, with turtle brownie sundaes for dessert instead of cake - homemade brownies and ice cream, natch.

I've been playing around with table settings for small dinner parties lately. I enjoy making place cards ;). Last night's were photos of each of us, playing Rock Band. Teehee! Traci got the "You are special today" plate, a carryover tradition from my childhood.

Holly from my yard.

After supper, we sat and played with the kiddos as we digested our feast. Miss V shucked off her tights and let loose with some raspberries.

She loves to blow raspberries.

Have I mentioned how ginormous she's getting? Eight. Months. Old.

The J-bird showed Aunt Traci just about every ornament on our tree, pointing out each one's exciting features.

Matt chilled on the couch.

This would be the look my husband gives me when he thinks I've said something ridiculous. It's usually followed by a "Gen-naaaaa!". I love it. He cracks me up.

I'd like to point out that I even have kid schmutz on the cuff of my jeans. How, you ask? No idea. But that's not the first time.

After the kiddos went to bed, we watched "Inception", a very interesting movie that made me contemplate how powerful that dream state can be, especially when it seems real. NOT that I get to reach that state as often as I'd like with two little ones...but hey, still, food for thought.

Happy birthday to my sweet friend, Traci, and thank you SO much for sharing your day with us. We love you!!

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