Wednesday, March 30, 2011

There Was a Little Girl Who Had A Little Curl

When my J-bird was born - like right when he was born - everyone in the room exclaimed over his dimples. In fact, the first thing James said to me after getting a gander at his sweet new son was, "Honey!! He has TWO DIMPLES!!!". And then he rushed back across the room to be with the baby (as we had discussed), and I tried to figure out why I was so light headed and what all the fuss down past the big, blue curtain was. Apparently, most of your blood is supposed to stay inside your body. Who knew?

Anyway, when my Miss V made her grand entrance, the whole room went crazy over her red, RED hair. And I must say, I was rejoicing right along with them (could've had something to do with all that blood staying where it was supposed to...perhaps). My younger brother has red hair, and growing up, I thought it was the coolest, luckiest thing in the WORLD to have that bright red crop of awesomeness growing right there on your head. Mine is boring blond, darker with each pregnancy, and nothing to write home to Mother about. Bleh. Who needs it? When I met James, one of the things I liked most about his extreme handsomeness was his red hair. His sister is a red-head. HER daughter is a red-head. I'm not saying I married the man for his hair, but I will say that I was hoping against hope that when it came to children, I'd hit the genetic hair jackpot.

And I did!

Like her brother before her, my sweet girl has taken her time growing much hair. I make pale, bald babies - what can I say? But we're starting to see some action on that little head of hers, and let me tell you, It. Is. Fantastic.

Because it does THIS

There's this one determined group of hairs on the top of her head that just wants to live it up, declare itself to the world and swoop to the heavens. If I brush it down when it's wet, it'll lie flat, but what's the fun in that? I love it and think it's adorable, so I just let that baby curl. Whether this means she'll have sweet little curls all over her head (like my niece), or stick straight hair (like mine), or maybe waves (like her dad), we can only guess. Until it grows out and shows us though, she'll be rocking the one pretty red curl swoop of awesomeness.

Because not everyone is lucky enough to be born a ginger, and I say: if you've got it, flaunt it, baby!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Daddy's HOME!!!

James went out of town this weekend, and boy howdy, was he ever missed. He got home late last night and had to leave for work before the kids got up this morning, so the J-bird was MORE than ready for his Daddy to walk through the door this evening.

Waiting for Daddy...

Jumping for joy!

"You're home! You're home! I missed you, Daddy!!"

And after supper, James broke out all the presents he'd bought for the kids.

Crowning the newest Mouseketeer.

We're glad he's home.

Funny Food Face

"All in all, I enjoyed my lunch, Mommy. The chickpeas were delightful, the black beans were....beany. The spaghetti could have used a touch more thyme. Put that in the file for next time, maybe. Now, would someone please, for the love of Pete, get the hose? I'm done here."

Monday, March 28, 2011

"My Grandma Tol' Me"

When my sister, Olivia was little, she used to blame every naughty thing she did on Captain Hook. SHE didn't eat all the cookies, Captain Hook did. SHE didn't peel all the registration stickers off the license plates on all the cars, causing her 14 year old sister with a restricted permit (that'd be yours truly) to get pulled over on her way home from work, Captain Hook did it. My J-bird has taken to doing something similar, and it's cracking me up. Whenever he disagrees with me, he tells me that either his Grandma or his Granny told him something different. Now, I've been privy to most, if not all of his conversations with his Granny AND his Grandma, and I'm fairly certain they aren't secretly giving him "solid" arguments to use against his mother, and that he's just shining me on. It isn't just for disagreements, though. He often says, "Hey Mama! Looka ME! My Granny told me she likes to do THIS..." followed by some silly antics that I can picture neither my mother (Granny), nor my mother-in-law (Grandma) performing.

In this case, it was as follows:

"Hey Mama! My Grandma tol' me she likes to make a funny face, like THIS!"

Somehow, I doubt it.

But I'll take your word for it, kid.

Sharrel? WHAT have you been teaching him?! ;)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Love My Friends

Spring is sproinging, and it's just about time to resume weekly walks with my pals and their kids. There's a group of us who have children all around the same ages - some come and go, some are always there, but it's a truly remarkable and lovely group of women, and I love spending time with them.

We walk through a gorgeous park area behind the library.

There are "big big bwidges" to throw rocks from, tunnels, ducks and geese, cool sticks to pick up and whack stuff with, pine cones and acorns to jam into little pockets and then run through the wash... it's fantastic. I always mean to take my good camera with me, but then I always forget and end up taking photos with my awesome iPhone. Good thing it has such a nice camera!

The kids have such fun together, and it's wonderful that they all get along so well. Once in awhile, they squabble, but that's how they learn about dealing with the world, so we mamas try hard to stand back and let them figure it out...unless the cool sticks are being used to whack each other, in which case intervention is definitely required.

Miss V is such a difficult child. I mean really (not). ;)

Four 4 year olds with their four 1 (or almost 1) year old siblings (and also Jaimey).

This week, we ducked into the library afterward for donuts and juice from the snack stand in the lobby. The four year olds among us, who had basically just run little kid marathons for an hour and a half, snarfed down the sugar bombs, gulped down the juice, and then all promptly had to potty. At once. Immediately.

Have I ever mentioned how fun my job is? For me, this is the best thing in the world, and I feel very lucky to have been welcomed into this group of women who are all doing variations of the same thing, so we can bounce experiences off one another, compare notes and laugh (a lot) at the crazy things. I love you, girls!

Steam Mops and Psychotic Robins

Two things have come into my life this week. The first is my amazing new steam mop. We went to a home and garden expo a month or so ago and saw a demonstration. Like a sucker at the circus, I HAD to have one. Common sense dictated that I go home and do some research though, so I did. Instead of the massively expensive one we saw at the expo, I got the Eureka Enviro, and I LOVE this thing. We have wood laminate floors, and I love them, but with two kids, they are hard to keep clean. Banana that has dried to the hardness of concrete, spatters of juice that sprayed from a dropped sippy cup, half of what I put on the J-bird's supper all ends up down there, and no matter how much I sweep and mop the floor (and I do), I never feel like it's really clean.

But it is now! It took a couple of times to get all the film from my previous spray mop off the floor, but this baby WORKS, and I love it. Especially now that a certain little lady crawls all over and then puts her hands in her mouth...and my mouth. She thinks that's hilarious.

The second thing is the psychotic robin, here for the third Spring in a row. He sits on the fence outside our guest room window and repeatedly attacks his own reflection. He's like our own little avian Don Quixote...only more annoying. This means, of course, that I'm going to have to go climb up on the ladder in the rain to soap the window, so the little feathered idiot doesn't break his beak and starve to death (or break my window). *sigh* How long to robins live, anyway?

Oh well. Narcissistic, territorial birds aside, life is good. I'm off to enjoy my VERY clean floor and my two little mess-making sweethearts...

...who are totally worth the sweeping, mopping and steam.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Look Out

Miss V wants to walk so badly, she can hardly, um....

....stand it. ;)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Our friends (really part of our family) Matt and Traci came over tonight for a laid-back supper and some fun. Since tonight is the super moon, we went out at moonrise to see it.

Waiting for Supermoon...

It was too cloudy, and we had to get the kids back inside before we saw anything at all, because it was chilly, and because it was bedtime. Once our little people were snuggled into their beds though, we trooped back outside, and....

SUPERMOON!!!! It was beautiful.

After our friends headed home, James and I heard our little J-bird still talking to his babies in his bed, so we got him up and took him out to see the moon he had waited so patiently for earlier. As James tucked him back in afterward, our sweet boy sleepily said, "Thank you for getting me up to see the big moon, Daddy...". It brought to mind a sweet memory of a time when I was about the J-bird's age and my mom came and got me out of bed one evening to watch a ballet performance on TV. I was taking ballet at the time, and she just thought I would enjoy it. It was a small thing, but it made me feel so special and loved and grown up, and I've never forgotten it. I don't know if my son will remember the Super Moon, or not, but I hope he always remembers and knows how deeply loved he is by his Dad and I, and how special he is to us - whether he is grown up, or not. :)

And Now

A bunch of pictures of my children with food on their faces.

Why do I find this so funny? The world may never know.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Constant Evolution

Now that Miss V is on the move, the downstairs play area must evolve once again (I've lost count of how many iterations we've had already). All the learning/Montessori type stuff and puzzles and other things for the J-bird that have small pieces need to stay, but it all needs to be up and away from one tiny little girl who will try to swallow and choke on said little pieces.

So I cleared out the drawers and bottom shelves above the cabinets that are already housing toys and books.

Plenty of room in the drawers for more stuff.

I'm really happy with the result.

But now I have to figure out where to put all this...stuff. *sigh* It never ends. Thankfully, at first glance, most of what was in the drawers can be thrown out, which I will gratefully do. Hallelujah for a good purge!