Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hoping for Spring

Winter's almost done

so it was time for these to go.

The J-bird and I decided to start getting crafty for Spring.

We started by tearing up some of the leftover tissue paper from his birthday gifts.

Then we mixed some glue with water.

The J-bird coated parchment paper with the glue

And then layered on the torn tissue paper

When he was done, I painted more glue over the top. Then we let it dry overnight. Once it was dry, we cut out diamonds, triangles and petal shapes.

For the centers, we cut out six circles and colored on three of them.

We stapled the petals to the blank circles

then glued the colored circles on top.

When put on the sliding glass door to the back yard, the sun shines through the parchment and tissue, making our Spring flowers glow!

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