Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Love My Friends

Spring is sproinging, and it's just about time to resume weekly walks with my pals and their kids. There's a group of us who have children all around the same ages - some come and go, some are always there, but it's a truly remarkable and lovely group of women, and I love spending time with them.

We walk through a gorgeous park area behind the library.

There are "big big bwidges" to throw rocks from, tunnels, ducks and geese, cool sticks to pick up and whack stuff with, pine cones and acorns to jam into little pockets and then run through the wash... it's fantastic. I always mean to take my good camera with me, but then I always forget and end up taking photos with my awesome iPhone. Good thing it has such a nice camera!

The kids have such fun together, and it's wonderful that they all get along so well. Once in awhile, they squabble, but that's how they learn about dealing with the world, so we mamas try hard to stand back and let them figure it out...unless the cool sticks are being used to whack each other, in which case intervention is definitely required.

Miss V is such a difficult child. I mean really (not). ;)

Four 4 year olds with their four 1 (or almost 1) year old siblings (and also Jaimey).

This week, we ducked into the library afterward for donuts and juice from the snack stand in the lobby. The four year olds among us, who had basically just run little kid marathons for an hour and a half, snarfed down the sugar bombs, gulped down the juice, and then all promptly had to potty. At once. Immediately.

Have I ever mentioned how fun my job is? For me, this is the best thing in the world, and I feel very lucky to have been welcomed into this group of women who are all doing variations of the same thing, so we can bounce experiences off one another, compare notes and laugh (a lot) at the crazy things. I love you, girls!


Random Steph said...

Um... We. Love. You.
For reals. I love your blog.
Can't wait til we can walk weekly again.

Geneva said...

You just made my whole day!

Jaimey said...

Ya seriously, right back atcha babe! :) I'm totally stealing your pics later... In fact don't be surprised if you see the whole dang thing somewhere... Lol