Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quiet Time

My J-bird has always needed an afternoon rest, but he started fighting it a few months ago - jumping on the bed, talking really loudly, etc... He'd never get out of his bed, but he'd do whatever he could to stay awake. Rather than fighting him on it, I took a page from my mom's book and instituted the QUIET time. He gets to have some books and a quiet toy (he usually chooses his MagnaDoodle), and, as long as he stays quiet, he doesn't have to sleep.

I always find the MagnaDoodle with lots of writing on it - sometimes he'll copy what his digital clock says, sometimes he'll write all of our names, or (like today), he'll practice drawing something like all these hearts.

And more often than not, he passes out. (He's under there - see his little foot? If I know my boy, he was making himself a fort and telling stories to his babies.)

I love quiet time.

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