Friday, March 4, 2011

Return of Mr. Sparkle

No, not this one...


and it's because of this:

The first sign of a problem that James and I noticed was after we all caught a cold with a nasty cough this last November. James, Miss V and I all moved on from it, but the J-bird never quit coughing at night. Distressing. I started giving him a small spoonful of honey at bedtime, which seemed to soothe the cough so he could get to sleep, but in the middle of the night, I'd always hear "Cough cough cough" on the monitor. I wasn't sure what to do, but it was starting to ease when we all got sick AGAIN and spent the whole month of January just completely miserable. For the J-bird, this involved more coughing, coughing that went on, once again, way past the duration of the cold. He was also coughing at meal times, and though he's always been a picky eater, that charming trait started to become extreme. Then, the night vomiting started. Three times in three weeks, he woke up in the night and threw up in his bed, and I was way beyond distressed. He wasn't throwing up during the day, and he didn't have any other symptoms of a stomach virus, though more and more often, he was refusing to eat anything at all, no matter how hungry he was, and he just didn't "look right". You know what I mean? I talked to a friend of mine in Kansas, who is a nurse, and she mentioned acid reflux. I called the pediatrician's office, and they recommended trying some Tums Kids, which I did. The medicine gave him some noticeable relief, but Tums is short acting, and the problem kept coming back, so we went in and saw his (fantastic) pediatrician, who, after listening to the symptoms, checking him out a little and seeing that he was actually losing weight, gave us a prescription for Prevacid to try. I hate the idea of giving a developing kid regular medication, but he was clearly NOT OK, so I started giving it to him and crossed my fingers and hoped.

I am telling you, the difference is like night and day.

I don't actually know when it started, just when I started noticing symptoms, so it was sort of gradual, but I didn't realize how differently the J-bird was acting until he suddenly felt so much better. Where he was lethargic and pale and tired and whiny, this kid now bounces out of bed with joy each morning, he eats normal meals, he sleeps deeply and well, and he is thrilled to be alive. In the interest of honesty, I should say that he's still a picky eater. It didn't solve THAT, because it's not magic (dang). He would infinitely prefer not to eat any fruit or "vegables", as he frequently mentions to me. I don't feel bad making him eat some carrots or broccoli though, knowing he's not in pain. OK, maybe some mental pain at the utter torture of choking down three small bites of banana, but the child will need something to talk to his future therapist about, right?

Good grief.

Anyway, I'm heaving giant, shuddery sighs of relief and still marveling at the triumphant return of my little guy's sparkle.

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