Monday, March 7, 2011

Rocket Boy Birthday Bash

We've been counting down the days....

And today's the big day!

I blinked, and four years went by, and now my baby is a big boy.

We love to celebrate birthdays in our house, so we made a whole weekend of it. The J-bird got to open a gift or two each day, and on Saturday, we went to the zoo and to his favorite restaurant (Red Robin, which he calls "Red Robin Hood" - ha!), and on Sunday, we went to church, which is his favorite part of the week. Today, his actual birthday, we had a party with his friends at a pizza-and-play place.

The invitations went out a few weeks ago for a rocket themed birthday

Out of This World Pizza and Play is an AWESOME place, and it was the perfect spot for our rocket loving birthday boy. It's packed with play structures and fun things to do, and the decor is all space, all the time.

My James took an early lunch break so he could be there - the J-bird was delighted and surprised!

I'm pretty sure James got some good exercise :)

They walk alike...

"Yeah, I look like a Who from Who-ville...."

"Wanna make somethin' of it?"

Five of the J-bird's friends, plus their younger siblings and mommies (and one awesome aunt!) came to play.

The plasma cars are the J-bird's FAVORITE THING EVER.

The pizza was great!

Out of This World only allows store bought cakes, so I bought an undecorated cake and rocket-ed it up myself. I was going to do cupcakes, but the J-bird requested "A cake, with a rocket and aliens and just whatever all you want!"

I cannot....believe....he's.....FOUR! It can't be!!

Sprinkle on the nose!

We played for awhile, then handed out the treat bags as everyone got ready to go on home (astronaut ice cream, crazy straws, star shaped erasers and rocket cookies!)

Which came out fairly cute, I think!

It was a great party, and my little guy had a complete blast. Thank you so much to my friends, who always show up and bring their awesome, sweet kids. Thank you to James, for taking the time to come hang out with a bunch of moms and kids over your lunch hour and for making your son's day.

And, if I may be sappy for a brief moment, thank you to Jimmy for coming to me and being mine and letting me hold you for a while along your road through life, for making me something I always wanted to be - a mother. Thank you for teaching me so much about love, affection, patience, humility, courage and much, much more, just by being your little self and drawing things out of your old mama that refine me and make me better. I will keep trying every day to be the best mommy I can be for you, to help you grow along the way into a kind, thoughtful and loving man (like your daddy!), and to give you what your heart needs, so you can have a wonderful, happy life. You are precious to me, and I adore you with a heart-cracking love I didn't know was possible.

Happy birthday, little boy!

I love you more than the moon and the stars,
From here to forever,
And as far as the windy wind can blow.

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