Saturday, March 26, 2011

Steam Mops and Psychotic Robins

Two things have come into my life this week. The first is my amazing new steam mop. We went to a home and garden expo a month or so ago and saw a demonstration. Like a sucker at the circus, I HAD to have one. Common sense dictated that I go home and do some research though, so I did. Instead of the massively expensive one we saw at the expo, I got the Eureka Enviro, and I LOVE this thing. We have wood laminate floors, and I love them, but with two kids, they are hard to keep clean. Banana that has dried to the hardness of concrete, spatters of juice that sprayed from a dropped sippy cup, half of what I put on the J-bird's supper all ends up down there, and no matter how much I sweep and mop the floor (and I do), I never feel like it's really clean.

But it is now! It took a couple of times to get all the film from my previous spray mop off the floor, but this baby WORKS, and I love it. Especially now that a certain little lady crawls all over and then puts her hands in her mouth...and my mouth. She thinks that's hilarious.

The second thing is the psychotic robin, here for the third Spring in a row. He sits on the fence outside our guest room window and repeatedly attacks his own reflection. He's like our own little avian Don Quixote...only more annoying. This means, of course, that I'm going to have to go climb up on the ladder in the rain to soap the window, so the little feathered idiot doesn't break his beak and starve to death (or break my window). *sigh* How long to robins live, anyway?

Oh well. Narcissistic, territorial birds aside, life is good. I'm off to enjoy my VERY clean floor and my two little mess-making sweethearts...

...who are totally worth the sweeping, mopping and steam.

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Jaimey said...

Love LOVE LOVE my enviro too! And your crazy Robin. We have one sometimes but he seems to be a faster learner. I only hear/see him once or twice a year.