Wednesday, March 30, 2011

There Was a Little Girl Who Had A Little Curl

When my J-bird was born - like right when he was born - everyone in the room exclaimed over his dimples. In fact, the first thing James said to me after getting a gander at his sweet new son was, "Honey!! He has TWO DIMPLES!!!". And then he rushed back across the room to be with the baby (as we had discussed), and I tried to figure out why I was so light headed and what all the fuss down past the big, blue curtain was. Apparently, most of your blood is supposed to stay inside your body. Who knew?

Anyway, when my Miss V made her grand entrance, the whole room went crazy over her red, RED hair. And I must say, I was rejoicing right along with them (could've had something to do with all that blood staying where it was supposed to...perhaps). My younger brother has red hair, and growing up, I thought it was the coolest, luckiest thing in the WORLD to have that bright red crop of awesomeness growing right there on your head. Mine is boring blond, darker with each pregnancy, and nothing to write home to Mother about. Bleh. Who needs it? When I met James, one of the things I liked most about his extreme handsomeness was his red hair. His sister is a red-head. HER daughter is a red-head. I'm not saying I married the man for his hair, but I will say that I was hoping against hope that when it came to children, I'd hit the genetic hair jackpot.

And I did!

Like her brother before her, my sweet girl has taken her time growing much hair. I make pale, bald babies - what can I say? But we're starting to see some action on that little head of hers, and let me tell you, It. Is. Fantastic.

Because it does THIS

There's this one determined group of hairs on the top of her head that just wants to live it up, declare itself to the world and swoop to the heavens. If I brush it down when it's wet, it'll lie flat, but what's the fun in that? I love it and think it's adorable, so I just let that baby curl. Whether this means she'll have sweet little curls all over her head (like my niece), or stick straight hair (like mine), or maybe waves (like her dad), we can only guess. Until it grows out and shows us though, she'll be rocking the one pretty red curl swoop of awesomeness.

Because not everyone is lucky enough to be born a ginger, and I say: if you've got it, flaunt it, baby!

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