Monday, April 4, 2011

Up, Up and Away

Miss V was not crawling or pulling up at the 10 month mark, as she was "supposed" to, and I wasn't worried until someone said "should" to me. Even then, I was only mildly concerned, and that was only because she'd had surgery on her eye. She'd had the surgery, in part because of the worry that the growth pressing on her eye would effect her eyesight and, thus, her development. I wondered, had we gotten the growth out in time? Was there any residual damage to her eye? Was our involvement with the ophthalmic (?) community not, in fact, over? Was she delayed somehow?

Yeah, so I was worried for nothing. She started crawling just before she hit 11 months, was pulling up a week later, cruising along furniture a few days after that, and now?


She's not walking yet, but she climbs the stairs (!!!) just fine (until she turns around to smile at me, pleased as punch, at which time she keels over backward into my arms). If you are wondering, the reason our stairs are covered in plastic and there's no baby gate at the bottom is that we've got construction going on in our master bath, and the construction dudes can't be dealing with the gate as they truck up and down the stairs with giant pieces of Hardi-board (or whatever it's called). This just-so-handily corresponds with the "I'm going to try to climb the stairs every single time you look away for five seconds" phase of Miss V's life. Awesome.

The moral of the story is that Miss V, much like her brother before her, will do things when she's darn good and ready, and not a second before. Then, she'll go gangbusters until she's ready for something else. Fantastic.

I say they get this from their father.


24K said...
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Jaimey said...

isn't spam fun. :) I am happy that she is moving right along on her own pace... now if she could have waited just a few weeks! LOL

Buffee Ann said...

Agreed! It's James fault. I love your kiddos.