Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Window Crayons - Kind of Genius, Actually

These were in the J-bird's Easter basket on Sunday. They're basically just grease crayons that clean off with Windex (or whatever a person might use to clean the window).

He has already filled up the slider. Twice.

They're so fun, we're using them for learning too, since I haven't put in a blackboard for fear of the chalky mess.

They're also a good distraction from the fact that our bathroom re-model-which-is-taking-forever is making us all sick (demo, hardi-board dust, mortar dust, tile dust from the constantly running tile saw). Both kids have had runny noses since the demo on the old shower began (weeks ago) and are now coughing, and I have the most painful sinus infection I have ever experienced in my life. James is ok so far, because he's not here during the day, when the work is going on. I'm VERY glad that one of us feeling alright. Especially because last night, he went downstairs while I sat on the floor of the TV room in a miserable stupor and he cleaned the kitchen, picked up all the toys and prepped the coffee maker for the morning for me. His help and understanding aside, I am so stinking ready for this construction to be DONE.

There are a few lessons to be learned here. #1 - My husband is awesome. #2 - When a contractor looks you straight in the eye and says "Oh sure, Ma'am! We'll have it all done before your baby's birthday party! It'll be 9 working days, start to finish!", what he means is, "This will take at least a month! There's not a chance we'll be out of here before that party! In fact, for the week following, we won't show up OR call, leaving you with a giant hole in your bathroom where your shower used to be and no idea if we're ever coming back! Just to show you who's boss! And after that, we'll take however long we darn well please to finish, because there's nothing you can do about it once we have your money! Mwahahahahaha!"

Or something like that. I may be paraphrasing a tiny bit.

Oh, and #3 - Window crayons are also awesome.

The end.

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