Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's A Circus

There was a teeny tiny, family-run circus that blew through town this last weekend, and we were all up for some fun. It was definitely quirky and odd, but the kids enjoyed it, and I did, too!

My J-bird was a little nervous about the pony ride at first, but after twice around, he asked me to turn him loose (I'd been walking beside him, my hand on his back) so he could "be a cowboy" all by himself. As he is not generally super adaptable, and is often fearful of new experiences, I was really proud of him for being so brave.
It was hot as could be inside the tent, but the kids sat pretty nicely through the whole thing anyhow, and once in awhile, a completely delicious breeze would blow through

and cool us off.

I love experiencing things like this. This circus wasn't big or fancy or particularly fantastic (kind of like a very expensive, grubby talent show), but my kids didn't know that, and the wonder in their eyes was something to behold. I wouldn't have missed that for anything. Totally worth the price of admission (thanks, Dad!) and the $4 pony ride and the $5 cotton candy (thanks, Mom!) and the $3 sno-cone... ;).

Monday, June 20, 2011

I Had A Party

Four of my friends from high school, along with their husbands and children came over for a potluck/cookout the other day. I hadn't seen them in quite awhile, and it was wonderful to catch up in person (rather than just on Facebook - wonderful though FB is). Here are some of the many photos from our evening:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunch With Grandma

My Best Friend's Girl

It might seem silly, at age 33, to have a very best girlfriend, but I've known Laura since college, and she introduced me to my husband. She's stuck close through thick and thin, been there for me at every turn (as I've tried to be there for her), and now we have baby daughters who are just two months apart. I saw them both today!

Having daughters this close in age makes matching tutu photos necessary. Necessary, I say.

Seriously. The cuteness. Miss V and Laura's "Flower" took to each other just fine.


and playing and lunch. And more cuteness. My J-bird is on another photo strike. Point a camera his way, and just watch him frown, put his hand up, turn aside or even run away. Too much mamarazzi, I guess. Whoops.

Anyway, it was a lovely day. I love my best friend and her girl.