Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Babsitter Bailey

When the J-bird was a baby (um...and toddler), we rarely ever left him.  Partially because we didn't know many babysitters, partially because he and I were so attached, and partially (mainly) because he would scream the.whole.time.I.was.gone.  He wouldn't stay in the church nursery.  He wouldn't let anyone else hold him.  He wouldn't even stay with James for very long.  He just wanted me.  Once, when he was about 8 or 9 months old, I had an unavoidable thing I had to do, and I couldn't take him with me, so my very gracious neighbor agreed to watch him for a few hours, the longest I'd ever left him at that point.  When I got back (breathless and rushing and near panic), she looked suspiciously worn out, and when I asked, she reluctantly told me that he'd long as she was holding him and walking around.  If she stopped moving or sat down, he screamed.  For three hours.  So, finding a good babysitter wasn't really an issue, because we couldn't leave him.

Miss V is wildly different from her brother in many ways, one of them being that, now that she's older, she's okay with spending time with someone other than me.  She loves Daddy time, she loves the church nursery, she loves to love on other people.  Because of that, once she hit a year old, James and I gave babysitters another try, and we've been so pleasantly surprised at the opportunity that a really great babysitter affords us to occasionally leave the house on our own with no worries.  Bailey is that babysitter.  We have a few girls who babysit for us, and we love them all, but we usually call Bailey first for several reasons.  First of all, the kids adore her.  She's young, but she's able to be firm enough to keep them in line while being super fun at the same time.  And - bonus - we come home every single time to a house that is as clean as we left it.   That's huge.

I babysat a LOT as a young teenager (before I got into the late-high-school, extra-curricular-schedule madness), and I loved it.  I was one of those who always cleaned up, washed dishes, wiped faces, etc...while making up scavenger hunts and other fun games for the kids.  It was work, but it always seemed like I was getting paid to play, and I loved that.  We feel so lucky to have found a babysitter who is exactly the same way with our kids.  Thanks, Bailey!  We sure love you!


Kate O. said...

Ahhh!! I love that picture! Hooray for Bailey!!!

Healthy Educator said...

you're so lucky to find a sitter who likes to play with your kids. that seems to be rare these days as sitters not expect to get paid just to show up and be present. the best sitters are the ones who engage your kids and make it into a play date.