Monday, September 12, 2011

Lilliputian Potty Princess

A couple of months ago, I put Miss V on the potty for the first time, expecting nothing, but doing it anyway, because she was so curious about it.  Like all mothers, privacy in the bathroom is a thing of the past for me - if I'm in the bathroom, so is she (along with her brother, like as not).  In addition to being my constant restroom companion, Miss V is a second child who believes with all her heart that she can do anything her big brother can do.  The J-bird can do a somersault?  Well then, so can she.  The J-bird can go down the big slide at the park?  Well then, so can she.  The J-bird goes potty like a grown up?  Well can she.  She watches him closely, and then determinedly attempts it all, working at it until she's successful.  That first time I plopped her on the toilet, she, uh, went as though she'd been doing it all her life, and she hasn't looked back. 

She'll sit on the little potty chair or on the child sized potty seat I have, but she really prefers to go on the regular old big potty like a big girl.  In fact, she insists on it.  She still often wears diapers and still uses them sometimes, but I'd call her about 70% potty trained, and that's just because I haven't fully buckled down to the task.  While what we're doing is probably closer to this (as a friend once told me when I was potty training the J-bird, "You're really only training yourself!"), because I usually initiate the potty breaks, she does sometimes sign for potty, and she almost always goes when I take her.  Her diapers are dry more often than not, which is lovely, as it provides less laundry with the cloth diapers and less trash with the disposables (I use a mix). 

And, most importantly, Miss V gets to feel like a big shot, and though it all seems to be going by much faster this second time around, I comfort myself with the knowledge that she'll always be my baby, whether she's 1 or 51.  I'm brave for a whole minute or two sometimes.

...and then I grab her for a snuggle and beg her to slow down, and she just laughs.  


Kate O. said...

Potty Monster! She is awesome!

tracyannc said...

IT was much easier with kid #2 for us too! He was potty-trained right before 2! It was great!!!! =)