Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Newport Day Trip

 We wanted to do something on the Oregon Coast over the Labor Day weekend, before it gets too cold and rainy.  Instead of going on the actual weekend though, James took the day off, and we avoided the crowds by going Tuesday.

 We picked Newport as our destination.  We've been out there before, when the J-bird was the age Miss V is now, and we thought it was time to go back.

 Our first stop was the Newport Aquarium.

 Our little lover of "ishies" was in Heaven.  She loved every second.

 The J-bird did too :)

 I have a photo of this little boy standing in this exact spot from our visit when he was bitty.  How the time do fly.

 A large portion of the Aquarium is outside, including a tank with a big octopus.  The boy was fascinated.

 There's also a series of walk-through tubes with sea life all around.  Pretty awesome.

 My family, in the jaws of a shark.  Terrifying.

But seriously, folks.  I watched Jaws at a slumber party when I was nine (sorry Mom!), and I haven't been the same since.  The idea of swimming in the deep ocean terrifies me.  Lakes are even a little iffy.  In fact, I used to be a little suspicious of the deep end of the pool.  I'd imagine something with very sharp teeth looming out of the gloom, and *zip*!  I'd be out of the pool.  Oh, I tried to look nonchalant about it, but....really....


 There's a little play area on the way out.  My kids never met a play area they didn't like.

 For lunch, we stopped at the Rogue Brewery, which has a little restaurant upstairs.  We ate our meals and then split a root beer float.

 Miss V particularly liked the whipped cream.

But her first taste of root beer (or "robot beer", as the J-bird used to call it) made her pucker up with a funny face.

 "Quit horkin' all the ice cream, boy!" 

 On our way out of town, I thought it'd be fun to stop at the beach.  Miss V's never been to the ocean, and we were right there.

Um, mistake.

It was windy. And cold.  And WINDY.

Seriously.  The rest of the Oregon was sunny and gorgeous.  The beach?  Not so much.

Did I mention it was windy?

We snapped a few photos, then am-scrayed back to the car.  Getting the children loaded and cleaned up, and then cleaning and bandaging the J-bird's cut toe (which he didn't discover until reaching the car, promptly dissolving into hysteria) took longer than our brief foray onto the sand, but hey, I figure that sometimes you just have to jump out of the car and walk by the ocean, even if it ends in disaster.

The children were very quiet and/or asleep for most of the drive home, and they went to bed early, both crashing HARD after a good bath (and a new band-aid for one little toe).  It was a fun, busy day, and one I'll remember.  Thanks, Newport!  We'll be back!


tracyannc said...

Looks like a great aquarium!

Kate O. said...

Funnnnn! I love the pic of the two of them riding the turtle!

ladymoxie said...

Love the pictures and felt like I was there. If you guys ever come over to the east coast I'll show you around. :) Glad you had a great Labor day vaca.

James said...

To be clear the look I was giving the boy was because he only wanted to eat the foam of the root beer float. I kept trying to give him ice cream and root beer on the spoon and he refused. Just trying to help the kid out.