Saturday, September 3, 2011

Portland Pirate Festival Fun

James came across a notice for the Portland Pirate Festival this week, and we decided that, yes, this was one of those things you just...DO.  So we headed out this morning, only telling the kids we were going on a surprise adventure.

They were surprised!  I brought some pirate-y costumes for them (NOTHING, compared to a lot of the other attendees), and we proceeded to pirate it up all morning.

Just inside the entrance was this gargantuan...bouncy...pirate-ship-being-eaten-by-a-giant-octopus...slide thing.  The J-bird was dubious.  He watched for a little bit, then decided to "think about it" for a while.  

So we walked around for a bit, looking at all the costumes

listening to some pirate music and looking at the booths.

and finding some smaller bouncy masterpieces that seemed more the J-bird's speed

 and boy, were they!

 Miss V would've loved to join him, but since it was only for age 10 and under (no adults allowed), she just got to watch.  Maybe next Pirate Festival....

 The J-bird bounced and climbed and went down the slides and played with some kids.

Then he played in a bounce house for awhile

     And after about half an hour, he was feeling SO brave...

       ...he wanted to give the big ship by the front entrance a try.

                                                                         so he did!

      Again, too big for little Miss V.  She was getting bored...

         so we stopped for lunch and a shaved ice

          Now THIS she could dig!

It was a little warmer than I'd anticipated, so we picked up a little pirate do-rag for Little Miss.  I don't usually go for skulls on babies, but hey - when in Rome, right?

      We watched a blacksmith work


                                      and a puppet show

       and Miss V played with a mermaid!

  Oh yeah...and we got some new toys for the "dress up clothes" bin!

My baby was VERY excited to wield a sword.  She didn't put it down until it was time to go home.

So the Portland Pirate Festival - TOTALLY worth going to.  Our little pirates had a blast, and so did we!

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