Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Science! Hopefully...

 Last week, I made guacamole with three avacados.  It was my first attempt and I'll tweak the recipe some next time, but the point is that I had three pits at the end and thought to myself, "Self, why don't you turn this into a science lesson and try growing an avacado plant with the J-bird?"  We've grown carrots and a baby apple tree from seeds, as well as some sprouted grass and a Chia pet, but we haven't tried the avacado bit yet, and NOW is the time.

 We left one pit out overnight, then peeled off the papery outer layer and checked out the surface.

Then we cut it in half to see what the inside looked like.

We put toothpicks in a second pit and submerged the bottom half in some water, placing it in the kitchen window.

Hopefully, it will sprout or do something other than just sit in the water, looking funky.  I'm going to have the J-bird draw a picture of it each week, to see how fast it grows. 

We gave the third pit to the J-bird's friend across the street.  It'll be interesting to see if they grow at the same rate.

Speaking of things growing at different rates, Miss V is teething like a maniac - her always sweet and happy disposition superseded by the pain of molars and canines, constant fussiness and crying, and an insatiable desire to bite people and suck on ice.  Poor baby.  She's sitting, teary eyed on my knee right now, as I type one-handed.  I think some cuddling is in order...


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