Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Craft

 This week's craft with our friends was all about apples - specifically, apples I picked off my tree this morning.

First, we looked at the apples and talked about all the different parts we could see on the outside.  Then, we cut them open and looked at the insides.

 We took out the seeds and talked about the shape of them, and then each child (or mother of the very small children) poked a hole in some dirt and planted an apple seed. 

 The big kids wanted to add leaves for decoration.

 The rest of the "craft" involved making their own snacks.  We dipped the cut-up apple pieces in chocolate and decorated with various sprinkles, etc...

 They decorated far more than they ate, so not much sugar was ingested, though, I confess, my kids do eat sugar - not ALL the time, but often enough that they aren't desperate for it whenever they see it.  I'm attempting to teach them how to eat all things in moderation.  We'll see if it works.


 This combination was my favorite.

 The kids preferred piling all the options on. 

And, like most crafts involving small children, this one made a glorious mess.  Seriously.  It was huge.  But worth it for the fun.  The kids played for a good while after faces and hands were washed, which gave Wendee and I a chance to drink a (second) cup of coffee and have some adult conversation.  I do so enjoy Tuesdays!

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LaGrange Family said...

How do Ella and I get invited to craft dates? It looks like so much fun...