Thursday, January 19, 2012

Coats And Snowpants Drying Everywhere

 We got some more snow the other night and woke up to the magic that is a snow-covered yard. Fun, right? Only down-side is when the power flips at 4:30 in the morning, and then goes on to do so three more times in the next hour. It wouldn't be a big deal - I mean, at least the power didn't STAY off, right? -  except that every time it flips, everything in our house that can beep, does beep, loudly. The lights on our ceiling fans come on. The J-bird's white noise machine shuts off and then comes back on at TOP VOLUME, which scares the living daylights out of him, causing him to shriek until I run, bleary eyed into his room to fix it, while James stumbles around, turning off lights and jerking cords out of clocks that randomly decide to alarm. It's a wonderful way to wake up from a dead sleep. Three times.

I asked the J-bird today if a loud noise can hurt him. He answered that it CAN. It can hurt his FEELINGS.

Now I know.

Thankfully, Miss V's white noise shuts off and comes back on at a very low volume. Also, she could sleep through the Crack of Doom, which is helpful.

 Anyway, with the promise of a warm rain that would undoubtedly melt all the snow, the kids were in a big hurry to get outside. As soon as they finished their eggs and toast, we suited up and headed out.

 (I'd like to thank my darling neighbor, Wendee for the hand-me-down snowpants for Miss V. They're so great!)

 Mama, we will steadfastly refuse to look at you, no matter what you do. No, we do NOT care that you're trying to take a cute, keepsake photo. For our will is as strong as yours, and our kingdom is as great. Hahaha. (Quick - name that movie!)


We played in the back yard for a long time, made a snowman, even made a tiny snowman to put in our freezer, so we'll have him this summer. Then I stripped off all their snow clothes and got them inside. Approximately five minutes later, they saw that D and M from across the street were playing out in their yard. Nothing would do but to immediately suit back up and go play.

 So we did.

Afterward, everyone came over to our house for hot cocoa and homemade shortbread cookies shaped like Darth Vader, followed by a rollicking hour of playing dress-up and fighting with plastic swords, while Wendee and I, who had done all the snowman work (she made FOUR), sat in an exhausted stupor, drinking coffee on the couch.

And yea, it was as though the Heavens had opened, and angels had made that coffee.

It was good coffee, is what I mean to say.

The End.


dahlia frances said...

cute pictures. nice shot of my booty :)

Geneva said...

Whoops! Sorry! I was so focused on the cute kids, I didn't check for butt shots :(