Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oscar and Henrietta

Before each of my children was born, I sewed a little quilt for them. I was pretty pregnant as I sewed them both, nesting and planning and dreaming with every stitch about the tiny person on their way.  The J-bird's is called Oscar, and Miss V's is called Henrietta. They both sleep with their quilts at night, and they occasionally carry them around during the day. When we go to Kansas in the summer time, we take Oscar and Henrietta. If it's cold out, and we're going somewhere in the car, we often grab their quilts. And right now, as Miss V is toughing it out through the last of the teething process (eye teeth and two year molars), she likes to wrap Henrietta around herself and snuggle quite a bit. It's so sweet to see my kids drawing comfort from something I put my heart into, almost as though I can wrap them up in a tangible piece of my love. I hope they take that feeling with them always.

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