Friday, January 27, 2012

Play Clothes

 The dress-up clothes have overflowed their basket. I wanted to try something fun to replace the basket, so the kids and I cruised through Goodwill and found an old suitcase.

 It was gross but had possibilities.

 I wanted to change the color, but I also wanted to keep the chrome and some of the red, so I taped that off.

 Then I spray painted it Ivory. This paint with the primer built in is the business.

 I found a cool font online, and, once the paint was dry, I sketched the word "play" onto the suitcase and then painted it in.

 I hit it with some polyurethane and let it dry overnight, then I pulled off the tape.

The inside was also kind of nasty, so I ripped everything out and re-lined it, using Mod Podge and some scrap velour fabric I had.

 I poured the Mod Podge in.

 Then I spread it evenly with a paint brush and smoothed the fabric on. It was messy and a little tricky, and it's not a perfect lining job, but I don't work for Samsonite. It's just for my kids, and they don't care!

 I left the existing leather strap around the top, so I could just tuck my fabric underneath, for a finished look. I also covered the hinges, to prevent pinched finger sadness.

Now the dress-up clothes have a new home!

 Happiness all around.


Birdie said...

That is incredible! That font is perfect :) See? This is one of the many reasons we need to live close to one another-- so your craftiness can rub off on me.

tracyannc said...

Wowza! Love it!