Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine Decorations

 The J-bird loooooooooooves when I decorate the house for the different holidays, so I try to do a little something for each one. The other afternoon, while Miss V was napping and the J-bird was having a quiet time in his room, I decked the house out with lots of red and pink touches. Both kids were thrilled, and the J-bird was over the moon.

 This garland was super simple - hearts cut from scrapbook paper, holes punched on each side, and regular white string run through. I love it.

 These are two-sided, but the same basic concept.

 Centerpiece on my kitchen island.

 In my entryway

Front door.

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virgo said...

Hi Geneva, I like the garland decoration. It gives me an idea to decorate my daughter's 12 birthday which so happens to fall on 29th February...she'll love it. Thks