Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Happy Leap Day! In honor of that weirdness...

I love to clean and organize, but, often, you wouldn't know it by looking at my house. When I was pregnant with Miss V, nesting like a maniac, all the closets got cleaned out, drawers were organized, everything was in its own place, preparing for Hurricane Baby (which ended up being more like Gentle Rainstorm Baby - Miss V was a super easy newborn). I sorted and purged and packaged and donated. It was fantastic. I've noticed though, that over time, all the "stuff" starts to accumulate again. Storage spaces get used as dumping grounds until they are full, and then the clutter starts to encroach on living spaces, and I can't stand that. Not that I want to be pregnant again, but I do wish for some of that nesting motivation sometimes. I also want to instill a love of order in my children, which means I have to look to myself and the example I set. Do I want the J bird to keep his room tidy? Then I need to do the same with my own room. Do I want Miss V to pick up the toys she so industriously scattered all over the floor? Then I need to model that behavior. And I do, most of the time. But I get lazy and unmotivated sometimes, or the whole family gets sick for a week or two, or I have to focus on something else (like some project I'm obsessing over) or whatever, and instead of me ruling the house, the house rules me.

One day, as I was browsing Pinterest instead of folding laundry, I came across a list that a woman had compiled. She'd sorted her household tasks and assigned them days of the week, with jobs like vacuuming and general tidying up getting more than one day and things like dishes and sweeping up the Cheerios under the table for the 4000th time going unsaid, because one assumes you just DO that stuff. One assumes. (Oh, hey - are those Cheerios over there?). Normally, I'd scoff - my mom's house is constantly showroom-ready, and she never needed no stinkin' list, but I looked around and thought to myself, "Just who do you think you are, Geneva? Give it a whirl, tweak it to fit your own house, and enjoy the benefits of a little more organization." So I printed off the list and have been dutifully following it (most days), and wouldn't you know it? Cleaner house. No Laundry Mountain. Happier Me. Score another one for Pinterest, right?

Add to this the fact that, since early January, I've been getting up at the crack of doom every morning to exercise before the kids get up (instead of waiting until nap time, which gives me the whole day to come up with a really great excuse to get me out of exercising at all that day), which somehow gives me way more energy all day long, AND the lower carb, lower sugar thing I'm trying, and I'm like a new woman.

Before you know it, James is going to feel like he's married to a stranger - a tidy, energetic stranger, who actually fixes her hair and doesn't wear sweatpants all day, every day.


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