Monday, February 6, 2012

First Time For Everything

 Last night, our friends, the Beckers came over for supper and a movie. We all sat down to supper, and then, as I was cleaning up, the kids were playing in the living room, dancing around and showing off for Amy. One minute, they were giggling, and the next, I heard the awful crack of little head hitting unforgiving coffee table, followed by the agonized wail of my sweet Miss V, aka: Vievel Knievel, aka: the child who is going to give me gray hair and a heart attack before I reach 40.

At first, I thought she'd hit her mouth. I got her all calmed down, then set her down to see if she was bleeding, only to catch a peep of the GOLF BALL over her left eye.

I will not lie, I had a moment of heart stopping  panic. Then, I channeled my mama and pushed it down. I asked Amy what she thought, and the look on her face let me know that it was, in fact, as worrisome as I thought. I started putting my shoes on, and James ran upstairs for Henrietta and Ruby (blanket and baby doll). Amy and Bailey offered to stay with the J-bird for us, so James could come along, and the two of us loaded our baby in the car and jetted over to the emergency room - our first ER trip for either of our children.

Once calm, Miss V was feeling fine, so we were pretty sure she was ok, but it was good to know for sure that nothing was broken and that she didn't have a concussion. The ER in our little town got us in and out in about an hour, and they were great. I am not a person who rushes to the doctor for every bump or cough, but I have never seen a knot on someone's head as large as hers was when I first looked at it. These photos show it after the swelling had gone down by about half (after she'd seen the doctor and we knew she was alright).

And here it is this morning. The ER doctor said she might have a black eye, but she's had one of those before (eye surgery), and they heal.

ER trips are expensive. Knowing when I put Miss V to bed last night that she would wake up this morning though? Worth the trip.

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