Sunday, February 12, 2012

Footprint Step Stool

Were you aware that children are short? I KNOW. Shocking. They also touch everything and then put their hands in their mouths, which necessitates a large amount of hand washing. Unless you want to break your back, hossing their ever-increasing weight up in front of you and then holding them in an awkward position (for you) until they decide they're done washing their hands (by which time, your muscles are trembling, and you may or may not be in a full sweat) four trillion times each day, you're going to need a step stool.

We had a step stool. A really nice, serviceable little guy. And then, I stepped on it when I was eight months pregnant with Miss V, and it broke.'s THAT feel on the ol' ego, eh?

Not fantastic, that's how.

I set it out in the garage (aka: Project Purgatory) in disgust and attempted to forget about it.

Then, on a sunny day last week, I was tidying up in the garage and decided to fix this baby. I cut a board to size, along with a support for underneath (the original had splintered under my Monstro-the-Whale physique. Perhaps I mentioned that particular humiliation.) I screwed in the support, then screwed the board in on top. I painted it green, and then added one of each of the kids' footprints.

What a cute little back saver you are!

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