Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Yeah, so I've mentioned my love for Pinterest a few times. If you haven't checked it out yet, it's wonderful. You need an "invitation" to join, so you can hit up a friend who is already on, or you can go to the site and ask for one (or send me your email, and I'll invite you!). It's essentially an online inspiration board, where you can pin things you are interested or inspired by, and you can look at the boards of others. It's really wonderful.


I have a board that is completely dedicated to craft ideas. Since we do a craft once a week with the neighborhood kids, I'm always looking for fun, age appropriate ideas, and Pinterest does not disappoint. Here are two we've done recently:

1. Puff Paint Polar Bears. Did you know that you can mix equal parts white glue and shaving cream to make your own puffy paint? We did this one with our craft group, and it was super fun. I gave each child a cup and a spoon to mix up their "paint", and then had them spread it out on a paper plate. They used the spoons to mess around with it and make it look like fur. Then, they added googly eyes, makeup puffs for ears and puff balls for noses to make polar bears. Polar bears do, I realize, have black noses, and the one I found on Pinterest suggested a black puff ball or an Oreo cookie. I didn't have either of those things though, so we went with colorful noses, and the kids were quite happy! The glue makes the shaving cream stay foamy as it dries. It ends up dry, but kind of squishy. A cool little experiment and craft.

2. Hand Print Roses. SO easy. I painted one of each of my kids' hands with red, acrylic paint and pressed them down onto heavy card stock. While it dried, I painted stems and leaves on. I wrote each child's name in gold pen, beside a leaf on their flower stem and the year at the bottom. I love it!

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