Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Day

 So, I realize this is a week late, but we had a fun Valentine's Day this year. We like holidays in our house, and we like to celebrate and give each other gifts. James brought home flowers and candy the evening before Valentine's Day, which was a sweet surprise. I had picked up some sweetly packaged animal crackers and some candy for the kids and had made them little valentines, which I left at their spots at the table, so they'd get them first thing in the morning.

 The kids and I had a fun day together, the shining moment being this one: the kids had finished their breakfasts, and the J-bird was be-bopping happily up the stairs to get something, when he stopped in his tracks and turned around. "Mommy? Did you get any valentines today?", he asked. "Nope, not yet.", I answered. He thought for a moment, then said, "Well, maybe I could share MY valentines with you. Because I love you, Mama."


 When James got home from work, we exchanged gifts. No, we didn't collaborate on these. Yes, we are gigantic, gigantic nerds. I bought him a Dr. Who cookie jar, and he got me the coffee mug. We belong together.

Because we are old and crafty, and because going out on a date now requires planning and a babysitter, we didn't go anywhere until this weekend. We decided to start with dessert at Moonstruck Chocolate.
 This is drinking chocolate. A few sips of this is more than enough, just so you know. Most of it got left in the cup, sadly.

And about a third of the brownie went home in a bag.

After dessert, we went to a new restaurant/pub that had a great sampler thingy of their best beers. We enjoyed that, along with a little supper, then went on home to stock the 'fridge with all our leftovers.
 And to give the kids the little chocolate bunnies we bought for them at Moonstruck.

Miss V gave the chocolate two out of two.

As I was writing this post, almost a week after Valentine's Day, I realized that I've had a box of candy and a handmade card for James from the kids hidden in a drawer for two weeks. Whoops! Valentine party foul. Better go deliver that...

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