Saturday, February 4, 2012

Where We Are

 I got this craft at, (via Pinterest - thanks, Mom!) and it was a winner, winner chicken dinner. The idea is to help teach the difference between all the labels we use to describe where we live. I cut out circles of graduating size and did line drawings to represent each label: "My room" (rocket ship and stars, like his mural), "my house" (a drawing of our front porch), "my town" (sign, saying "Welcome to F---- G----"), "my state" (outline of Oregon), "my country" (outline of the U.S), and "my continent" (I had to just draw a compass rose on this one - outlining all of North America would have taken too much time). The last circle was left blank, so the J-bird could draw his own interpretation of "My planet".

I had him color each of the pictures in order (didn't take long, as he's not a huge fan of coloring), and as he completed each one, we glued it onto its circle and then sounded out the label together as he wrote it out.
 I had this little chain, knocking around a drawer, so that's what I used to put the circles together, but you could just as easily use string or whatever you have on hand.

I love things that are both fun and educational. Does that sound grown up, or what?

Oh hey...I have another child, don't I?

This activity was a little advanced for Miss V, so I cut out letters to spell her name and glued them onto cardstock. I held her finger, and we traced the letters several times as I said what they are. Then she just colored it for fun, while the J-bird did his thang. She was quite content and felt like a real big girl.

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Lauren Knight said...

Just stumbled across your blog- your kids are beautiful! And what a great idea! I will have to do tis with my 4-year-old. Thanks for the inspiration!