Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Downstairs Hallway Freshen-Up

 We've been living in our house for seven years now- the longest I've ever lived in one house. I love our house as much as ever, but I'm getting a little itchy. I'm feeling the need to purge and rearrange and re-organize and freshen up. When we chose the wall color for our house, we didn't know that the contractors would paint the ceilings the same color (wah wah), and we have an open floor plan, which makes painting any one room a serious undertaking, as ceilings will also have to be painted, and wheredoyoudrawtheline?!? We're going to freshen up the paint in the bathrooms and seriously consider painting in some other places, but in the meantime, I'm re-working. For example, the little hallway leading to my downstairs powder room. On the right are the accordion doors that open to reveal my storage closet. On the left, I had some paintings hung, but there were too many, and they didn't really fit the vibe of my house anymore. I used to have a rug on the floor as well, but I decided to take out the rug and the paintings and start from scratch.

First, I painted and hung these clipboards, which hold an ever-changing array of child artwork. The kids adore this, and frequently hang out in the hallway, admiring their drawings and paintings.

 Next, I made and hung this measuring tape growth chart - another huge hit with my kids.

 Last, I had the Valentine photo of my children from this year blown up and printed. I put it in a frame I already had, and hung it above the clipboards. This is my absolute favorite part of this project. (PS. Were you aware that Costco will do this kind of printing for super-duper cheap? I spent less than $9 for this print. And no, other than the fact that I shop there, Costco has no idea who I am.)

Here's how the whole deal looks, put together. It's a small space, and I didn't do anything crazy amazing, like painting stripes or chevrons or anything, but I really love how it looks now. The itch has been temporarily scratched :)

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