Monday, March 5, 2012

Dude, I KNOW

It's Birthday Season 'round these parts, and we are excited! The J-bird is about to turn 5, which is crazy. Then Miss V will turn 2 in early April (also ridiculous), and James's birthday is in late April. My own birthday will conclude the festivities in May. The birthday decorations go up at the end of February and get changed out according to which person we're celebrating until the Season is over. We like to celebrate, and birthdays are huge up in here. Both James and I are lucky enough to have grown up with parents who always made us feel special on our birthdays (Thanks, guys!), and we love passing that tradition along. Planning themed parties for the kids, saving up to buy something special for James, reliving all the wonderful moments we've had together as a family, as we mark the passing of another birthday in each of our lives - it's a blast, and we are in the swing of it.

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