Thursday, March 1, 2012

Growth Chart

 When the J-bird was wee, I wanted to do the ol' marking-his-growth-on-the-door-jamb thing, but I wanted to do it on something portable, in case we ever move. I didn't have any great ideas, probably due to lack of sleep (18 months, my friends. 18 looooooong months), so I grabbed an extra slat from the blinds we'd put up in his room and used that, always intending to come up with something better. Then Miss V came along, and I added her to the stupid slat, and it was fine and all, but...kind of pathetic.

 So I made something different, and I love it. Bonus: it only cost me $5 to make. The fabric was on sale, I only needed one dowel, which I cut into two pieces for the top and bottom. I had fabric paint already, as well as some ribbon to hang it with, and I just used aluminum foil, folded over a couple of times for the "chrome" on the tape measure (hot glued on - I tried sewing it, and it was a disaster).  I put all of the J-bird's measurements on in aqua, and Miss V's on in fuschia. This was not a design decision, it was just the markers I had close by that most closely fit the bill.

I didn't love it on my pantry door, so I put it on the door to the downstairs powder room. Unfortunately, I had to hang it a tiny bit high, as it kept sweeping against the floor when we opened or closed the door, but I'll figure that out. And who knows? I may get tired of this one and make something else. I like it for now though!

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