Thursday, March 8, 2012

The J-bird's Big Day

  He got to open one gift before breakfast.

 Some dinosaur slippers! He wore them all day. And I smiled about it. All day. We had a low-key, fun time while Daddy was at work. Lots of playing, lots of smiles. It was good.

My mom had five balloons and a little toy lion delivered this morning. It made his day, and Miss V was GREEN with envy. She chased him around for a good ten minutes, trying to grab them. He finally let her touch one (but only for a minute).

 For supper, he requested a Nutella sandwich and cheesy rice. Not my idea of fine dining, but whatever. The rest of us had chicken.

 And after supper, he opened the rest of his presents

 I'd say the bike is a winner!

 After taking his new hoo-ride for a spin outside, we came in for cake (LEGO shaped, of course) and some board games.

Five years old. Good grief. What a big boy.


Buffee Ann said...

Yay! Big boy Jimmy! He's precious.

ladymoxie said...

What an awesome birthday! I want to you plan my next birthday. :)

The Roberts said...

Love the slippers!