Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kansas In Oregon

 My parents and two of my sisters flew out to Oregon this last weekend to celebrate the kids' birthdays. We had so much fun!

 On Friday afternoon, the kids and I went to the airport to pick everyone up. The kids were SO EXCITED (and I was too!). The airport is like a giant, thrilling playground to my children - the escalators! the baggage claim area! the people watching! the random announcements over the intercom! AND they got grandparents and two aunts out of it. How cool is that?

 When we got home, my mom broke out the birthday gifts, including cowboy boots for both kids, books, playing cards, a dream catcher for the J-bird, St. Patrick's Day necklaces with blinking lights...it was a birthday extravaganza!

On Saturday, we split up and went out. The boys went to the LEGO store, and the girls went to Fabric Depot and out to lunch. On Sunday, we made a big brunch together and just hung out all day. The kids got tons of time with Granny and Papa and Aunt Olivia and Aunt Tassi. It was beautiful to see.

We even spent a little time outside!

And no birthday celebration would be complete without cake and candles.

 The J-bird even got some LEGO time in with his Papa on Monday morning, before we had to set out for the airport again. He could not have been happier (minus the dropping everyone back off at the airport part).

 We all went out to lunch, then walked around the airport a little bit. The kids even conned their Papa into buying them each a toy.

It was, as always, brutally hard to say goodbye when it was time for them to go. We made some lovely memories though, and we're always so glad to have time together.

Thanks for making the journey west, guys. We love you!

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