Monday, March 26, 2012


When my mom was here, we took a little trip to Fabric Depot, and I picked out some fabric for a new valance over my kitchen window. I think that changing curtains and pillows and accessories is a nice, less expensive and involved way to change the vibe of a room a little, and I was tired of the red one I'd made a few years ago. This fabric was hanging just a few rolls above the fabric I used for the living room curtains I sewed a few months ago.

Since the kitchen and living room run together (open floor plan), I wanted complimentary fabrics, and I love the way these work together. It's funny: I've never been a real fan of yellow, but, used judiciously, it sure brightens up the place! I topped my valance off with a bundle of dried lavender from my garden a couple of years ago, just to add some interest. Also, I lurve lavender. Fin.

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