Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wanna Come To A Party?

Welcome! We had a LEGO extravaganza this morning, to celebrate our J-bird's great big 5th birthday!

 As the kids arrived, they gathered around the table to build with LEGO blocks. When we were ready to move on to games, James just picked up the four corners of the tablecloth and swooped up the whole deal. Boom! Table ready for snacks!

 I made this LEGO guy (on foam core) and then drew and cut out a bunch of clothes and accessories.

 Each kid was blindfolded and given something to "pin" (tape) on the LEGO guy. Here's the masterpiece created by a bunch of blindfolded four and five year olds :)

 We also passed around a jar of LEGO blocks, and each child got a chance to guess how many there were.

 The two kids who got closest won little LEGO kits. Everyone else got (slightly smaller) LEGO kits!

Then, we moved back over to the table for snacks.

 LEGO sandwiches (PB&J), fruit, pretzels and juice boxes.

 Kid food for the win!

 After snacks had been demolished, we passed out undecorated cupcakes. I piped some icing onto each one, and the kids went to town, decorating their own. The whole point of LEGO is creating something cool, right?

 These were so easy to make - a candy mold, candy melts, and gel food coloring. (Note, I did go ahead and buy red candy melts. It's really hard to tint white candy melts with enough red to avoid making them hot pink).

 This was a very popular activity.

 We sang to the birthday boy.

 ...opened presents

 ...and then did the pull string pinata I made from a box, some pop cans, ribbon and a roll of crepe paper streamers.

 Chaos! Hilarious, very fun chaos. There was some candy in the pinata, as well as lots of little toys, bracelets, rings, and funny glasses.

 We played outside for a few minutes, but it started to sprinkle, so we headed back inside until parents came back to pick everyone up.

 We sent everyone home with LEGO loot bags that each held a LEGO mini figure, some LEGO candies, the aforementioned LEGO kits, and each kid's stuff from the pinata.

It was a fun, busy hour and a half with twelve kids (plus mine). The kids all seemed to have a good time, and they all left with smiles on their faces.

And this one's been smiling all day.

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