Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Babies

 Alright, guys. It's time to put on your Easter clothes and try taking some pictures. Remember? We did this last year? Should be no sweat. Just sit and smile, right?

 I know the sun is bright, sweetheart, but the flowers look so pretty, behind you. Can you try?

 No? Not so much?

 Yeah. Sweetie, covering just the one eye doesn't make for a better photo, but thanks for trying.


 Yes. That's very dramatic. Not quite what we're going for though.

 Alright. Let's try moving into the shade, k?.

 Oh! There are some happier faces!

 Um. Well, silly is good, I guess.

 Maybe not quite that silly.

Going with the traditional Easter choke hold, instead of the head lock this year? Huh. Prob'ly not, kiddo.

 There! That's it! Oh, you guys look just great! You're really getting thi....

 Yeah. There it is.

 Happy Easter, little bunnies. You sure do make me laugh.

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