Thursday, April 12, 2012


 We packed a lot of fun into this Easter weekend! On Saturday, I took the kids to the big egg hunt thrown by the Kiwanis every year in our town. We met some friends there, which added to the enjoyment.

 They divide a large section of lawn in front of the college into areas for children of different ages. Everyone assembles, the fire engine blows its horn, and the whole thing is over in about 5 minutes. Quick and easy and lots of fun.

On Sunday morning, the kids woke up and checked out the Easter baskets I'd made for them.

 I always make one for James, too! :)

We ate breakfast and dressed up in our best, then we headed to church.
 Moment with children at the start of the service.

 We do something on Easter called "flower communion". Everyone puts a flower on the resurrection cross. Miss V put four or five up there ;)

 After the service, all the kids enjoyed (another) Easter egg hunt!

 They had a blast! We headed home afterward for a big lunch. Then, I had the kids go upstairs so I could clean the kitchen for the Easter Bunny.

 This year, the Easter Bunny obviously knew that the J bird and Miss V had been to two different egg hunts already, so he made them an Easter treasure hunt instead.

 He also left some big footprints on the lawn.

 The kids followed a series of picture clues to find shiny, metallic eggs.
 And the last clue led them to one big egg apiece with some candy inside.
The kids had lots of fun, got a reasonable (rather than insane) amount of candy, and we talked a lot about Easter and what it means to James and I. It was a lovely weekend, all the way around!

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