Tuesday, April 17, 2012

iPad Revolution

Our family got an iPad about a month ago, and MANISTHATTHINGAWESOME! We use it for the obvious stuff, like email and Facebook and involved games of Draw Something and Words With Friends, but there are also so many apps for little children. We've integrated it into the J-bird's home school, and it's been really great. We do reading and writing games, math, and even some music. Of course, we still do the work we'd normally do as well, but I love a varied approach to learning, and when it's so fun that it doesn't feel like work - well, that's just fantastic. We're hoping to use FaceTime to connect the J-bird to each of his grandmothers for some tutoring as well (Miss V too, as she gets older). James's mom is an amazing teacher and PhD, and my mom taught home school for several years. I love the idea of getting our families involved in our kids' education!

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