Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tech Truce

 My kids, like most siblings, fuss and fight with each other a good bit. It's not constant, and they really, really love each other. They always make up with hugs and giggles and then go off and play for ten or fifteen minutes before they start bellowing at each other again. They're just in one another's space all the time, and that leads to what boils down to a righteous amount of noise.

*sigh* Do you ever relish the ten seconds it takes to walk around the car, after you've put your child(ren) in their seats and shut their doors after forty five minutes in the grocery store? Just a few, brief moments where you know they're safe and fine, but you can't hear them? No? Just me? Right on. 

Anyway, one great equalizer and guarantee of a few minutes of peace and truce is our iPad. Miss V likes to sit and watch the J-bird do reading and writing games (or just regular games. Who doesn't love Angry Birds?), and he lets her press the occasional button - big of him, right? They both really love the interactive "Monster At The End Of This Book" with Grover and Elmo from Sesame Street.
 They'll sit and do the whole game. Quietly. Tranquilly. Without shoving each other or screaming.

 It's almost as if....

they're getting along. So weird.

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