Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday

  Miss V's birthday was this last Monday, but we waited to have her party until yesterday. Her favorite TV show is "Yo Gabba Gabba", so I themed her party around that. We had so much fun, celebrating our girl and marveling over the fact that she's 2 whole years old.

 The party started at 10:30am and just went until noon. Everyone loves a party, but it's a rare person who wants to hang out at someone else's house with a bunch of two year olds (plus their older siblings) for much longer than that. I put out a plate of fruit, a plate of veggies, and a plate of crackers and cheese, with lemonade to drink (it doesn't stain when it inevitably gets spilled), as well as birthday cake, of course.

Just for the party, I put away the play clothes, the puzzles (too many pieces everywhere), and any other toys that kids would fight over. Three or four kids fighting over a doll stroller is ok. Ten kids fighting over a doll stroller is less ok. I put an assortment of toys out on the coffee table, and that seemed to keep everyone fairly occupied. Wedgit blocks, wooden blocks, a shape sorting clock...stuff like that. I also had music from Yo Gabba Gabba playing, so there was definitely some toddler dancing going on, and I defy you to identify anything cuter than that.

 We gave the big kids the option of playing outside with bubbles and chalk. They were all OVER that action.

The two daddies that were present stood by the street, to make sure no one left the yard. Safety patrol. Ya know. Like they do.

 Most of the littles opted to stay inside with the mamas

 Who are JUST as much fun, thankyouverymuch.

 Miss V spent a large portion of her party admiring, patting and kissing my friend, Jaimey's baby, T.

 After some play time, everyone hit the table for snacks. I had the kids sit on the floor. Unfortunately, that meant most of the parents ended up sitting on the floor, too. Sorry parents :(. I'll plan that better next time!

 And then we had cake!

 RAINBOW cake.
 SEVEN LAYER rainbow cake.

 Miss V opened presents.

And then we played outside some more. It was a gorgeous day!

Miss V might have had some bubbles to drink...

 We sent everyone home with a little favor bag. I got these (blank) bags in packs of three at the Dollar Tree and painted the Yo Gabba Gabba characters on. I think they turned out really fun! Each bag had a colorful crazy straw, a string of beads, a candy ring and a glittery pencil.

The girl of the hour seemed pleased with her party, and that always makes me happy, since that is, after all, the whole point! Happy party, baby! We love you!

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