Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dance The Groovy Chicken

 Sorry for the spotty posting lately. My camera is in the shop (eek!), and there have been 4000 other things to do, so I haven't buckled down to blog. Alas!

Anyway, this last Saturday was the J-bird's best pal, D's dance recital, so we cut a bouquet of flowers from our garden and walked the few blocks over to the high school to see D dance the "Groovy Chicken. It was maybe the cutest thing I've ever seen.

The J-bird and D have been friends since they were babies. Can you tell? They couldn't be more similar if they were related. And they love each other so much.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Total Eclipse of the Heart

On my 16th birthday, there was a solar eclipse. My class at school all went outside to observe the blessed event, and I felt super special that it happened on MY birthday. I was so very young. I think I'd just gotten the braces off my teeth. I was going to hang out with my high school sweetheart after school, because I had the day off from my part-time job (as a clown. Go 'head and giggle.). My mom had a Dairy Queen ice cream cake for me (yum). So much life was in front of me.

I was remembering that long-ago birthday this weekend, when there was another solar eclipse. I live in Oregon now, so it was really cloudy, but we watched through the clouds, and I snapped a few photos (I know, I know...not supposed to look). They're not, ya know, fantastic photos, and I had to mess with the contrast a lot to get them to show anything, but it WAS exciting to see such a rare event. I'm 34 now, and I watched this eclipse with my forever sweetheart and my two tiny sweethearts. I thought about that sixteen year old girl and felt connected to her through time. And after we'd watched what we could see, I cleaned the kitchen, put kids to bed, and thought about how much life is still in front of me (hopefully), of how lucky I am and how deeply happy I am, right here, with my precious family. I felt big gratitude.

I'm still feeling it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Littlest Mailman

 The J-bird is in that blissful stage where he's old enough for chores and young enough to like doing them. One of his favorites is going out to the mailbox (which is right in front of our house, and I always stand at the door and watch him) to bring in the mail.
It is one of the cuter parts of my day.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sweet Babies Running in the Sprinkler

 There was a lot of laughing.

And popsicles when they were done - what fun!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Plant Stand Herb Garden

 I love growing vegetables and herbs, but my yard has drainage issues, so I have to use pots, most of the time. I was feeling agitated about something the other day, and planting and working in the dirt is always cathartic for me, so I decided the kids and I should get to work on a little herb garden. I have this cool plant stand that I got at a garage sale several years ago for $10, and I thought it'd be a good home for our little garden.

We picked up some inexpensive pots (plastic, in case one of my children knocks them over) and some herbs, along with some potting soil, headed home and got to digging.

 The J-bird and Miss V love digging in the dirt just as much as I do, so they really enjoyed this.

We planted rosemary, basil, thyme and oregano, and we put a little pre-potted strawberry planter at the top. I labeled the pots with a Sharpie, and voila! The kids really enjoy watering the pots, and I will enjoy cooking with the herbs. Fun!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012


The J-bird took a long time to grow any hair at all. His head was a perfect little cue ball for well over his first year, and when it finally grew in, his hair turned out to be just like mine: pin straight, wispy, and dark blond. He has the added bonus of a truly outstanding cowlick on the back of his head that gives him his characteristic awesome "rooster tail" hairdo.

When he was little(r), I tried taking him to get a haircut. I tried it more than once, in fact. He's the J-bird though, and a stranger coming near his head with scissors or clippers fuh-REAKED him right out, so I started cutting his hair at home with our old (loud) clippers. He hated that too, and I botched the cut half the time, but at least I wasn't paying someone $12, only to have him jerk his head away in panic and end up with weird hair. I CAN DO HAVE THAT FOR FREE.

He's five now though, and I thought we might give decent haircuts another try, so, promising to buy him a Sonic slush (to share with Sister) if he'd only sit still, we headed out to Great Clips.

 He was a little nervous, but he gamely clambered up onto the booster and let the stylist put a cool cape on him. He's pretty down with capes, in case you didn't know. Wears them frequently. He's practically Superman. So this part was no biggie for him.

 He sat so still. Tense. Ready to bolt.

 But one can only maintain that level of flight-readiness for so long when one is only five, so after awhile, because he is the J-bird, he relaxed and started talking to the stylist. And he talked her hind leg right off, while I giggled. He was like a perfect little old gentleman, carrying on a full conversation about how he always tells his mommy that her singing is beautiful (inspired by a song that came on the radio right about then), about how Daddy is going to take him to Harry Potter Land someday, about how he prefers the scissors she was using to the clippers Mommy uses (Jimmy - "The buzzers Mommy uses hurt." Me - "They do NOT!" Jimmy - "They're loud. They hurt my ears." Me - *sigh*).  It was hysterical.

 Miss V thought she might like a little off the top. I told her she's never cutting her hair, EVER. She threatened to dye it purple. I grounded her forever.

The J-bird is delighted with his new 'do and told me we should ALWAYS go there to get his hair cut and NEVER use the buzzers again. I told him to get a job. Then we went to Sonic and got a slush.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Band Concert

 Last Saturday, the band I get to sing with at church gave a concert. It was so much fun! We did everything from Leonard Cohen to the Beatles and had a blast. A big crowd turned out to support us, and I remembered again how lucky I am to be included in this group, how much I love to sing.

 Deena and Laura


 Maureen and Bonnie


 Pastor Jennifer


 I see my future, and it is loud.


 Wonderful Audrey.

 My friend, Marguerette.

 Lovely Ellen.

 Some goony kid.

 My hero husband, wrangling unruly children (mine).

The band played a set, then there were some solo acts, and then the band played another set. I did a couple of solo pieces myself - Willie Nelson's "Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground" and Bette Midler's "The Rose" (the latter as a duet with Pastor Jen).

 Our band boss, Robert

 and his mama, watching him sing :)

Jen and Ellen, singing "Fix You"

 Bonnie, tearing it up on her solo

 with her daughter signing

 Justin and Jenny, bringing the house down.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled photos of my kids with food on their faces. :)