Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Beautiful Birthday

 I turned 34 last week, and my family made it so special. James spent the whole day periodically sending me gift certificates via email to all my favorite places (!!!), and the J-bird must have wished me a happy birthday 30 times. He taught Miss V to say it too, so I heard it a LOT.

When James got home from work, we all went out for supper, and then, because I didn't feel like making yet another birthday cake, we stopped to share some ice cream at a little local place.

 The look on James's face....he's a little bit kid-mess-averse. :)

 We took a little walk to work off some of our ice cream, just enjoying being together in the gorgeous weather we've been having. It was a wonderful day.

A couple days later, we headed out on our annual "Geneva's birthday zoo trip". We've gone every year since 2005, which is crazy to think about.

 Our sweet friends, the Beckers went with us!

 Turning 34 was fantastic. Just being surrounded by my little family, bathed in love made it one of my favorite birthdays ever. A fun, sunny day at the zoo with our friends was like a beautiful bonus - a cherry on top of a sundae. It's a special thing to feel so cherished, and I know just exactly how fortunate I am. 34 is looking pretty good so far.

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Alissa said...

I love V's bonnet!!!