Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hey Hey, May Day!

 I've always loved May Day, I think because it falls on the first day of my birthday month, which, as a child, is big time. :) My mom always helped us make May baskets when I was a kid, and we'd leave them on friends' doorsteps and then ding-dong ditch. I have wonderful, sweet memories of this special thing with my mom - we even made May baskets when I was a teenager! My mom and I left one on the doorstep of my first boyfriend. How fun is it that she drove me around to do that?

The kids and I made a couple of baskets for our little neighborhood friends, using these square nylon baskets I found for a dollar each at Goodwill, some flowers from our yard, packets of zinnia seeds and some mini candy bars.

The J-bird particularly enjoyed the ol' ding-dong ditch (uh oh), but he was equally delighted when we got caught. I love carrying on this fun little tradition. I hope my hooligans remember it as fondly as I do!

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